Remember Vince Lombardi! Cybersecurity is an adversarial game. Check out Episode III of the Cyber Risk Management Chronicles, "Risk-Based Cybersecurity"

January 28, 2023

The reality of finite resources means cybersecurity programs that attempt to ‘boil the ocean’ – protect everything at once – are destined to fail. Risk-based cybersecurity programs are the solution. With such an approach, priorities are established via risk risk-based decisions grounded in analysis of actual threats. Not only is resilience maximized but other benefits can accrue.

Enable Growth: Cybersecurity is commonly looked upon as a defensive activity. Therefore, it often has a negative connotation and the assumption the activity is solely performed to avoid losses. However, organizations performing risk-based cybersecurity management are forced to study their processes & risk factors in exquisite detail. This forcing function can provide significant advantages when challenges arise. By dint of their programs, these forward-looking organizations have a ready framework that can be deployed to better adapt to changing environments. As a result, the cybersecurity program transcends its defensive role and helps the enterprise thrive and expand.